Thursday, September 12, 2013

Billy Bob Beamer || d I s s o l v e

Billy Bob Beamer || d I s s o l v e
WSE61 - highly experimental poetry by Billy Bob Beamer, with a series of companion pieces by Matt Margo


experimental typographers look over your shoulder to see an experience in your craft. billy bob beamer is a jazz trumpeter who extends the range of what can be manifested in your field.

it’s more than typography that sets this book aside from others of its type—one sees invention of linguistic possibility—it’s that setting it ahead of many of its ilk.

many of the pomes [beamer’s neologism] tell a different sort of story, unclassified as of yet. postmodern [the term that means anything and nothing] isn’t enough. how about experiential experimental, a perhaps-new term more suitable.

the closer you look, the more there is.

         —peter ganick 12.30.2013

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